Wet Umbrella Wrappers in Hotels

Gold Wet Umbrella Wrapper

Featured in Hotel Magazine this month, when guest come into your hotel they also bring in whatever they have with them. If it's raining outside, guests are going to be bringing in soaking wet umbrellas.

They last thing a hotelier needs is water dripping all over the carpet, making it smell damp and unpleasant for guests, or making tiles wet, slippery and dangerous.

Wet Umbrella Wrappers allow guests to quickly and conveniently bag their umbrellas, preventing drops of water spilling all over their floor. Wrapping wet umbrellas as staff and guests enter the building captures drips in biodegradable bags, helping to fight against wet floors.

Thousands of injuries every year occur due to slips, trips and falls, the most common cause of which are slippery floor surfaces and inappropriate footwear. Keeping your floors dry reduces your Health & Safety risk of injury and keeps your staff and guests safe.

Designed to hold umbrellas of all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of colours to suit different decors, Wet Umbrella Wrappers are available to lease or buy, keeping the bad weather out of your hotel.


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