How to Reduce your OH&S Risk of Slips & Falls

Slips, trips and falls is the most common cause for concern when assessing Health & Safety risks. The hazard rainwater accumulation causes is magnified when dripping umbrellas spread the risk from entrances to the rest of the building.

New Zealand's leading commercial buildings, hotels and hospitals have taken steps to solve this problem with the purchase of Slipless NZ's automatic Wet Umbrella Baggers. By wrapping wet umbrellas as staff and customers enter the building, drips are captured in recyclable bags helping to prevent wet floors.

Wet Umbrella Wrapper

Adam Alexander - Operations Manager at Jones Lang Lassalle stated that: "wet periods have always been a problem at our entries when people entered the building dripping water through their wet umbrellas on our terrazzo floor. The potential risk for a slip and fall was always present not to mention the constant maintenance needed to maintain the entry area taking up productive cleaning hours. The introduction of the new duel chute umbrella bagging machine has been a well appreciated and welcomed concept delivering to its potential and solving the wet umbrella problem".

The dual-chute wet umbrella baggers hold both small and large umbrellas, have a sleek design in a range of colours, and compliment entrance ways.

- Quickly and conveniently bags wet umbrellas

- Reduces slippery floor conditions during wet periods

- Reduces potential damage to carpets, fixtures and fittings

- Reduces floor maintenance during wet periods

- Increases customer satisfaction by solving the 'Wet Umbrella Problem'

- Designed to hold both small and large umbrellas

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