Automatic Wet Umbrella Baggers Becoming a Staple Item

Health & Safety continues to be in the spotlight one year on from the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act. Rainwater accumulation in hotels, lobbies, hospitals and other commercial outlets is a serious hazard causing slips and falls.

Along with wet shoes and coats, wet umbrellas are a leading cause of rainwater accumulation. While mats help to soak up wet shoes, umbrellas are left dripping throughout the building, spreading the hazard and risk.

Auckland’s leading commercial buildings, hotels and hospitals have taken steps to solve this problem with the purchase of automatic Wet Umbrella Baggers. By wrapping wet umbrellas as staff and customers enter the building, drips are captured in recyclable bags helping to prevent wet floors.

Wet Umbrella Baggers are not just about safety, however. By giving customers and staff a way to conveniently store their umbrellas, it improves their experience and solves the ‘wet umbrella problem’.

The dual-chute wet umbrella baggers hold both small and large umbrellas, have a sleek design, and compliment entrance ways.

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