Stainless Satin Wet Umbrella Wrapper


The wet umbrella wrapper is a non electric mobile machine that is positioned at the entrance of any commercial building entry area with the aim to prevent customers and staff entering the building dripping water from their wet umbrellas as they enter during rainy days.


By reducing water droplets falling and being draped into the lobby, lifts and other parts of the building, you would be contributing to a safer environment and potentially saving someone from harm & injury.


When people with wet umbrellas enter your premises, they would be encouraged to use the wet umbrella wrapper by inserting their wet umbrella into one of the two shutes catering for small or large umbrellas.

Once inserted, a waterproof polybag is automatically inserted onto the umbrella preventing water from dripping on to the floor.




Category: Wet Umbrella Bagging Machine

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Stainless Satin Wet Umbrella Wrapper

$899.00 Regular Price
$749.00Sale Price
  • Loading: 2,000 Biodegradable bags (1,000 short and 1,000 long)

    Ease of use: It takes less than 60 seconds to load the unit with the polybags as the whole carton is loaded in one go.

    Mobility: The units are mobile when tilted on the back as they have wheels and can be stored during non-wet periods with ease.

    Warranty: 3 year warranty and life time warranty on parts should they be required.

    Money back guarantee: We offer a money back guarantee if not satisfied after the first month as we are confident that these units will exceed your expectations.