Biodegradable Large Umbrella Bags 1,000

Size: 142 * 750 (W x  L/mm)


Material: World first biodegrade umbrella plastics bags. Primary raw materical to produce the bags is coconut oils, wheat and corn-starch.When burying in Landfill degrading starts within 30 days and the bag breaks down after 90 days. There is complete degradability after 7 months.


Gross Weight: 3.4 kg


Quantity: 1000 pieces / units


SKU: BIO-L (biodegradable) Large

Category: Bags for Wet Umbrella Bagging Machine

Biodegradable Large Umbrella Bags 1,000

    1. Clean indoor environment
    2. Preventing slip & fall accidents from dripping on the floor
    3. Eco – friendly plastics bag made of biodegradable material
    4. Functional handle is applied  for easier checking of residual plastics bag.